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Alan chooses collective format to redesign and adapt its sites for the European market

Back-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Web Design, Webflow

In 2021, Alan launched an invitation to tender for the redesign of its European sites on Webflow, including French, Spanish and Belgian.

After an initial, inconclusive experience with Webflow, Alan's marketing teams were hampered by limitations and delays. We were chosen for a trial period, then adopted as the Webflow referent for Europe.

Our main objective was to empower Alan's marketing teams in the management of their web presence, by accurately translating designs into four languages and adapting content geographically.

We implemented a precise, modular design system, perfectly aligned with their product design, and a scalable project structure. The redesign of the French, Spanish and Belgian sites was completed, along with multiple templates for the marketing team and customized functionalities thanks to low-code.

We have succeeded in creating a significant online impact for Alan, positioning his sites as benchmarks in the field.

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Great assignments, always very satisfied with the work over time. Very competent, fast, good understanding of needs! Would recommend!

Antoine Guilguet
Product Manager