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You can look for an agency or try to gather freelancers for your project.
Contact different agencies or freelancers randomly
Meet with irrelevant providers
Waste time gathering several formats of proposals
Have no one to turn to in case of problems during the mission

Why use

Collective gathers a network of autonomous teams of freelancers: agile, expert, efficient.
Access the largest network of collectives
Receive a selection of the most relevant collectives
Benchmark different approaches and quotes
Benefit from continuous support during your mission

1000+ collectives are registered on a unique network

The network of collectives teams is a platform that bridges the gap between companies and top-notch collectives of freelancers. Our goal is to provide these collectives with a streamlined organization, allowing them to focus on execution, while companies gain access to a pool of highly talented individuals.

Our Vision of the Future of Work

Our vision is a world where every individual has the opportunity to join forces with their peers and embark on fulfilling missions. We believe that together, we can achieve more. Our aim is to build a future that provides more flexibility, independence, security, and, most importantly, fulfillment for every person.

Company-as-a-Service through

Our mission is to become the leading B2B service provider in the world, offering expert and multidisciplinary collectives of freelancers who operate in a fully digitalized environment. We aim to create the company-as-a-service solution for all collectives looking to take advantage of this innovative approach, balancing the security of a collective with the freedom of self-employment.

They have been won over by

"At Folk, we continuously strive for innovation and expertise in product development. To meet our specific needs in developing a LinkedIn extension, we decided to partner with a collective. Our aim was to benefit from fast execution and better maintenance availability."
Simo Lemhandez
"We were working in agile mode and there was a real fluidity in terms of communication."
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Rashad Karanouh
"We really saw that coaching didn't just stop at delivering an MVP!"
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Baudouin de La Varende
"The collective that was suggested to us had several tangible advantages for Pimkie: immediate availability, a lot of reactivity and energy, a combination of skills that perfectly matched our needs... and then an enthusiastic, human team that was eager to work with us. A pleasure!"
Patrick Van Der Linder
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