The app that sets freelancers free.

Collective provides you with all the tools required to succeed in your freelance journey, from the first client outreach to the ultimate payment.

Freelance life reinvented.

From securing new projects to seamless invoicing.

Quotations and invoices,
without subscription or commission.

Leverage top-tier quote and invoicing tools on Collective to secure an increasing number of assignments and streamline payment processes for your clients. Enjoy unlimited and completely free usage.

Increase your income with
tailor-made missions.

Discover business opportunities meticulously curated to match your profile and preferences. Our team diligently creates detailed briefs for collective assignments, ensuring you have comprehensive insight into the client's requirements.

Everything you need.
All in one place.

Details about your prospects, clients, and assignments are conveniently accessible with just a click, through a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Manage your entire business from one application, enhancing your productivity and revenue generation.

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Our team works to make every day better than the day before for independents.
  • Arnaud Lissajoux

    Thanks to Collective, I'm finally enjoying creating quotes and invoices.
    It's been 12 years since I set up my business, and I used to have a knot in my stomach before launching my invoicing software.

  • Rafael longeville

    Thank you for your responsiveness and we're delighted to import our missions into Collective.

  • Hugo Dorus

    I tested the invoice and it's incredible. And the responsiveness of the team too, I've never seen a team so committed.

  • Michael Abramczuk

    Thanks for the latest project! The quality and volume of leads have been increasing in recent weeks.

  • ChloĆ© Einhorn

    I use your platform and it's really great! Congratulations !

  • Arthur Lacaine

    I recommended you again to one of my customers recently!

  • JoĆ©vin Canet

    I've just generated the first invoice and it's very convenient. We'll be generating more soon.

  • Iker morales

    Delighted to see the growth and evolution of this platform over the past year and a half!

  • Eliot Hallak

    Excellent work and an excellent product!