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Packaging cost optimization at Sanofi

Strategy Consultant

Sanofi has embarked on a strategic project with a collective aiming to achieve savings of 10% on the Group's total packaging expenditure.

The initial diagnosis included an in-depth analysis of expenses, visits to logistics centers, and recommendations coordinated with purchasing teams.

The action plan, drawn up in collaboration with stakeholders, used the "Design to value" method to optimize the packaging of each drug.

Implementation over 12 months enabled renegotiations with the main suppliers, leading to significant savings.

The project has also introduced new purchasing practices, with prospects applicable to other categories.

  • Chandler
  • This collective has realized this project.

Jean's work was superb, saving us 10% on raw materials, packaging and logistics. Working with him was a real pleasure throughout the project!

Sandra Russo Musq
Global Lead Buyer