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From Lead Generation to Retention: Our Journey with Student Pop

Product designer, Back-End developer, Full-Stack developer

Student Pop offers students the chance to find odd jobs to suit their schedules and finance their student life. In four years of partnership, we've redesigned the mobile application, created a high-performance lead generator, and optimized the customer interface.

With 35,000 active students, the app reached 10% of French students in 2023, garnering 2,100 positive reviews and a 4.8★ rating on the App Store.

The redesign of 957 screens was accurately documented, while our lead generator turned visitors into qualified leads, and then into paying customers. The new, simplified customer interface strengthened customer loyalty.

We're currently working on modernizing the Student Pop homepage to maintain its innovative look.

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UX geniuses who accompanied us on super-complex features... and everything becomes simpler when you work with the best. An efficient method and a serious, committed team, with obviously a lot of talent.

Mickaël Monsang