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Bold branding and packaging for Bez Slitování

Brand Expert, Back-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Visual Designer

Bez Slitování, or "merciless" in Czech, is a spicy card game you play with friends and family. Florent, a French expatriate in Prague, approached Picniq to create a visual identity and packaging for his game.

The objective: to design a logo, vibrant colors, an attractive box, and 600 playing cards. I imagined a powerful logo depicting a naughty flame, captivating attention and reflecting the game's mood. The tricolor palette accentuated the spiciness with a striking contrast.

Launched in 2021, the game was a runaway success, selling over 500 boxes in less than 6 months. A triumph for Bez Slitování as an independent game.

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From the outset, Simon guided us through the creative process and brought his knowledge of marketing and communications to bear. His organized approach enabled us to structure our ideas and understand what we really wanted! Finally, his availability throughout the project enabled us to complete it more quickly and launch our game on time. Once again, thank you!

Florent Amri