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ÜTI platform: fintech revolution for Swiss wealth management

Product designer, Back-end developer, Full-stack developer (JavaScript & Typescript, React native)

ÜTI, the visionary Swiss startup, entrusted us with the mission of creating a revolutionary application for asset managers, solving the challenges of information overload and the lack of effective sorting.

Our methodical approach began with an immersion in the financial industry, followed by in-depth user-oriented research. Close collaboration with ÜTI enabled continuous alignment with the customer's vision, promoting constant design iterations.

Research findings have shaped an intuitive platform, responding to the sometimes non-technophile needs of users. The information hierarchy, the fruit of iteration and testing, was the focal point of our design, enabling progressive product discovery.

The final design, accompanied by a design system, guarantees visual and functional consistency. Parallel development resulted in rapid delivery of the ÜTI application on iOS and Android, as well as an administrative dashboard.

In short, our collaboration has given rise to an innovative solution, redefining wealth management in Switzerland through a successful fusion of advanced functionality and fluid user experience.

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Neiso is an incredible collective! Very professional and responsive.

Clémentine Merle
CEO & Founder