Increase the productivity of field teams with a web application

The challenge

Ithaque is a startup whose aim is to democratize energy renovation. The customer's method breaks down into three steps:

  • Sending a thermal engineer to carry out an energy audit
  • Putting individuals in touch with trusted craftsmen
  • Assistance in finding financing and subsidies

Ithaque called on Collective to create an MVP in the form of a web-app. The customer's objective was to reduce the time taken to schedule and carry out energy audits, without compromising the quality of the intervention. To this end, Ithaque wanted to create a proprietary tool to optimize this phase.

We really saw that the support didn't stop at just delivering an MVP!

  • Baudouin de La Varende
  • Baudouin de La Varende
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The solution

Collective proposed to Ithaque the Rhobust collective, made up of engineers with skills in both product and software development. Together with the customer, the members of the collective were able to define a technological base that was adapted to the project, to the requirements of an MVP, and flexible enough to be simply taken over by an in-house team.

The impact

This MVP project was a resounding success, not only in terms of the collaboration between Rhobust and the customer, but also in terms of the results obtained. In fact, the application built by the collective halved the time spent on energy audits.

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