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The collective made sure to develop the product in such a way that it could be modified by other developers.


Rhobust was able to meet the deadline while working on many different aspects.

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Client presentation: Ithaca

Ithaque called on Collective to develop an MVP in the form of a web-app. One of the client's main issues was how to reduce the time of an audit without losing the quality of the intervention.

We really saw that the support didn't stop at just delivering an MVP!

Baudouin de La Varende

Co-founder of Ithaca

Objectives and solution provided by the collective

Ithaca's objective is to massify energy renovation. The client's method consists of three steps:

  • Sending a thermal engineer to do an energy audit and an inventory of the house to see where it loses energy.
  • Putting individuals in touch with trusted craftsmen
  • Look for all the aids (because of the possible financing for the individuals)

The objective is to move from a set of tools that are difficult to use to a single tool that can be used at the client's site and that would allow Ithaca to perform an audit in half a day.

The Rhobust collective made a benchmark on all the drawing libraries that could be available on React. They were able to re-edit and evolve an existing library to adapt it to Ithaca's needs. Following this, Rhobust created the Argos software which allows data entry to generate audit reports. The collective provided the compiled software ready to be used as well as the source code to allow other developers to iterate on it.

The collective also made sure to use known technologies to allow external developers to quickly pick up and understand the elements previously put in place. The current product has made it possible to divide by 2 the time spent on audits.

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Today we have divided by two the time we spent on our audits, so it is already a big success for us

Baudouin de La Varende

Co-founder of Ithaca

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