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Webflow redesign: enhancing Alyra's digital identity

SEO-SEA expert, Web developer (Webflow), Visual designer

Alyra, an online Blockchain school, chose our startup for the redesign of its site, migrated from Wordpress to Webflow.

Our mission: to create a modern site, aligned with the graphic charter, with autonomous management via Webflow. Adding detailed descriptions, intuitive navigation and SEO optimization boosted visibility.

The steps :

- In-depth research, UI/UX workshops, competitive analysis, site tree, wireframes, design on Figma.

- Webflow development: structure, design, functionalities, mobile optimization, SEO. Tests, audit, customer review, modifications, deployment.

- Benefits: total autonomy for Alyra's Webflow teams, enhanced SEO for greater visibility.

The redesign has given Alyra a modern site, enhancing the school's appeal and improving its brand image.

  • Ouiflow
  • This collective has realized this project.

I highly recommend it! Many thanks to Ouiflow ❤️

Maxime Evrard
Development Director