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360° rebranding and multi-channel deployment

Product designer, Visual designer, Web developer

Chance, specializing in skills assessments, has benefited from a complete image overhaul and strategic deployment. The design team rethought the MVP, moving from a desktop version to a multiplatform experience.

The major challenge was to reinvent the brand identity to create an environment of trust, far removed from the previous austerity. The color palette was revamped, moving from bright red to a warm ambience suited to a mature audience.

The two-and-a-half-year collaboration also involved the creation of a variety of marketing resources, from website to advertising campaigns, targeting +10% monthly growth. The redesign of the brand book, the modernization of the Chance Web-App, and the creation of Feedbackme were key milestones in this successful transformation.

Discover the evolution on Chance.co.

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Bich Tram has led the website design revamping and participated in most of the marketing initiatives (& program/product content creation) from videos to website evolutions to investors decks to landing pages to FeedbackMe and so on. By working on the artistic direction & the implementation of our brand, you are making Chance brand shine but most of all you are making us proud of working for Chance and also willing to shoot out to the world our mission by liking & sharing the content we are creating!

Arnaud Coutin
Head of Data Operations