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User experience revolution for Buzziit

Industrial Designer, Back-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Webflow Designer

For Buzziit, we designed an elegant WebApp, enriched with Wized automations and custom code keys, precisely meeting the customer's needs.

We used Webflow to design a clear, responsive WebApp, emphasizing simplicity and efficiency.

To optimize the user experience, we integrated Wized to automate certain processes, making the WebApp more fluid. To meet specific needs, we integrated custom code, ensuring enhanced performance and adaptability.

The combination of these elements enabled us to deliver a WebApp solution that was both appropriate and functional for the customer.

  • Vanara
  • This collective has realized this project.

We called on Vanara for our web MVP, and Yan and Terence were very responsive to our tight schedule, and the result was just what we were looking for. The team is also really nice, which doesn't spoil anything!

Adeline Folléa-Fleury
Co-founder buzziit