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Google ads Reactor optimization, explosive lead growth

Copywriter, Growth marketer, SEO-SEA expert

Le RĂ©acteur, the first JavaScript training course in Paris, asked Archipel to restructure its Google Ads account.

After an audit, Archipel identified major shortcomings. A new structure was proposed, reducing the Cost Per Lead by 5 times in 6 months, with improved lead quality thanks to keyword adjustments and the introduction of offline conversions.

The next phase (months 4 to 6) saw the expansion of the Google Ads budget and the integration of new media levers. The aim was to diversify channels while maintaining a long-term omni-channel strategy.

In conclusion, Le RĂ©acteur is an example of Archipel's approach. Starting with targeted optimization, the partnership extended to additional levers, with the mission of increasing the brand's online visibility. This collaboration illustrated Archipel's expertise in optimizing advertising performance and creating successful integrated campaigns.

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