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Redefining the website user experience: Club Med rebranded by a collective

Back-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, UX/UI, Web Developer, Brand Expert, Visual Designer

Together with Studio Bleu, we won the prestigious tender for Club Med. The complete rebranding of the site, to be unveiled progressively between now and the end of the year, embodies Club Med's new, modern and dynamic identity.

A major change since 2014, reaffirming its position as a must-have lifestyle brand. Our collective approach won over the fierce competition.Strategic analysis, in partnership with Content Square, included an in-depth study of user behavior, illustrated by heat maps. Complexion reduction", our key UX principles, guided the redesign, following the maxim "Make it simple".

Our unique "Pastrami" methodology was crucial in reducing each page to its minimum, while "Wireframing" gave the site its new structure.

Color mapping redefined the Club Med palette, even analyzing competing colors. Our work also involved the redesign of Club Med's Exclusive Collection brand, with the creation of the design system, logo, assets, and icons.

The final version, currently in progressive release, is the fruit of a fruitful collaboration with the Club Med teams. We look forward to revealing more.

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Your top-of-the-range, refined and game-changing recommendation was a big hit with the General Management Committee. Bravo!!! Thank you so much for your unfailing support and commitment! It's a pleasure to work with you.

Armelle Vimont-Laurent
Digital Marketing, Brand & Product Director