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Creation of a graphic charter for the Naf Naf blog

Brand designer, Graphic designer

Complete production of My Fashion Therapy's graphic charter, including logo, signature, icons and various assets.

Choice of primary and secondary colors, typography and logo usage rules.

Selection of royalty-free photos aligned with the persona. An extract of the site design, including the header and sections, was successfully integrated by the Growth4u agency.

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Laure delivered a finished logo and a complete graphic charter for the integration of the My Fashion Therapy blog launched by Naf Naf in 2021. This was quite a colossal deliverable, since we needed around fifty icons in addition to the rest of the graphic charter. Laure created a universe that speaks to the Naf Naf persona, a sparkling target with a unique personality, ambitious, joyful and slightly childlike. Thank you for all this work delivered in 1 month!

Alexia Cardona
Business project manager