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Niir Cosmétiques: metamorphosis through copywriting and content creation

Brand designer, Back-end developer, Full-stack developer, Content strategist

Niir, the revolutionary brand in the world of textured hair cosmetics, entrusted our team with the mission of formalizing its identity and defining its discourse, a veritable thread running through its communications.

With a lifelong commitment to perfect products and minimalist routines (#teamFlemme), Niir boldly celebrates natural beauty. Our approach was to create a comprehensive brand platform, involving copywriting and content production. Working closely with Niir, we consolidated its already strong character, refining its distinctive voice.

The end result is a robust and enduring brand identity, ready to guide the company on its future adventures.

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A sparkling team with innovative and original ideas. I loved working with them. I recommend them 1000%.

Anna Seck