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Successful takeoff for The Squad - The genesis of the Landing Page

Back-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Javascript & Typescript, Video director and editor

Development and delivery of a five-segment landing page, completed in two weeks.

Implementation: Design of an attractive home page: The project began with the creation of a visually captivating homepage, comprising five distinct pages. The aim was to generate user interest and engagement through a unique design.

Integration of animations: Scroll-triggered animations were incorporated to keep the audience engaged.

Setting up a user database: A user database has been integrated into the backend to collect and store e-mail information.

Docking the project: The project has been docked to facilitate deployment and ensure smooth scaling.

This holistic approach created an immersive user experience, improved user data collection and ensured efficient project management.

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The product was delivered on time and works perfectly. We have received nothing but positive feedback and are grateful for your speed and efficiency.

Pierre-Alexandre M