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UCPA develops its content and influence strategy with Collective

Content Strategist , Visual Designer

Launch of the @Ucpa_Insider TikTok account and Instagram + TikTok content strategy:UCPA, always at the forefront, has propelled its TikTok account, @Ucpa_Insider, with a captivating strategy.

At the same time, an ingenious content strategy on Instagram and TikTok was deployed, amplifying the brand's presence on social networks.

Visual evolution was crucial. We metamorphosed the UCPA graphic charter into striking credits, optimized for proprietary video formats. Visual harmony was seamlessly integrated, reinforcing the brand's identity.

The #FreshFreshWeek 2023 influencer campaign left a lasting impression. Our strategic approach orchestrated a surge of engagement, propelling UCPA to the heart of the conversation. The positive impact on brand awareness was undeniable, creating a memorable week for all adventure enthusiasts.

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The complexity of Tik Tok's snack content and social network led us to ask for help. Our objective was to be able to follow the codes while maintaining a message and a beautiful brand image. Roulettes helped us develop our culture and creativity in the field. The teams' availability and regular contact are also a real plus, and always in a good mood.

Elodie Bourdeau
Digital Communications Manager