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Mobile application


The selected collective had many complementary skills to successfully carry out the Blikk app project.


Blikk had expectations in terms of budget. The collective made sure to work on a budget aligned with that of the client.

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Client presentation: Blikk

Blikk is a start-up that develops a concierge service for real estate project management. Its objective is to centralize the steps of a real estate project for a client: connecting with professionals, managing documents (contracts, quotes, invoices), payments... After launching a "handheld" product in 2021 and generating revenue, Blikk wanted to develop an application to onboard more customers.

We worked in agile mode and there was a real fluidity in terms of communication.

Rashad Karanouh

Co-founder at Blikk

Objectives and solution provided by the collective

The team chosen by Blikk was composed of a Lead Product and several developers. The team took charge of the specification of the functionalities, their development and the production of the application for a budget in line with expectations.

Why did you use

Blikk was looking for a provider who would offer the best expertise within its budget. Within 48 hours, 5 relevant collectives positioned themselves on the project. Blikk met with 4 collectives, each of which proposed their approach (collaboration vision and budget). Two collectives were perfectly positioned, and Blikk was able to choose the team with which they had the best human relationship.

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Our goal was to create a mobile app to reach a wider market. Collective.Work helped us reach our MVP. Mission accomplished!

Rashad Karanouh

Co-founder at Blikk

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