Two months to create the Minimum Viable Product for a real estate startup

The challenge

Blikk is a start-up developing a concierge service for real estate project management. Its aim is to centralize the stages of a real estate project for a customer: putting them in touch with professionals, managing documents (contracts, estimates, invoices), payments... After launching a "handheld" product in 2021 and generating sales, Blikk wanted to develop an application to reach more customers.
As the customer had mock-ups, they were looking for a team capable of developing an Android and iOS application as well as a web application. The customer also needed advice on the technical stack and the cost inherent in the technological choices.

Our goal was to create a mobile app to reach a wider market. Collective.Work helped us reach our MVP. Mission accomplished!

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  • Rashad Karanouh
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The solution proposed several collectives specialized in mobile application development. The collective chosen by Blikk, Neodelta, was made up of a product manager, who was the client's main point of contact, front and back-end developers, and a no-code expert who was asked to set up a back-office for Blikk's teams.

In agreement with the customer, the collective recommended a hybrid solution for the mobile version, a SPA for the webapp and a Node API based on a proprietary framework inspired by NestJS. The list of tools, technologies and partners used was as follows:

  • Node JS - API
  • PostgreSQL - DB
  • React - Web application
  • ReactNative - Mobile Application
  • Retool - Backoffice
  • Make - Automation platform
  • PandaDoc - Electronic signature
  • Firebase - Auth, notifications & app deployment
  • Mailjet - Email marketing & transactional
  • MangoPay - Payment

The impact

The application and deployment took less than two months, from choosing the technologies to making the applications available on the various stores. The collective took charge of specifying the functionalities, developing them and then putting the application into production, for a budget in line with expectations.

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