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Developer support


The FrenchCoinCoin collective worked within the deadlines requested by Sorare. The mission required reactivity and solid skills.


The collective integrated an internal team of 15 developers already in place. It was important to communicate well.

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Customer presentation: Sorare

Sorare launches a new game on its platform: baseball and needed front-end developers able to manage complex projects (e.g. migration of code between soccer and baseball, management of different servers, especially not to break the market place that could cause huge losses).

It was absolutely necessary to meet the deadlines for the official release of the game. So they were looking for a team of 2 developers who were available, responsive, very competent and above all motivated by the project!

The FrenchCoinCoin collective is great: very professional and very competent!

Sylvain Utard

Head of Engineering at Sorare

Objectives and solution provided by the collective

The 2 developers of FrenchCoinCoin were fully part of the Platform team of 15 developers reporting to the Head of Engineering. They were in charge of the entire front-end for the platform (marketplace, homepage, user accounts, preferences...)

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The fact that the members of the collective already knew each other and were used to working together allowed them to deliver results very quickly!

Sylvain Utard

Head of Engineering at Sorare

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