Two developers recruited in one go to strengthen the front end team

The challenge

Sorare is a blockchain-based fantasy soccer gaming platform, where players can buy, sell and manage a virtual team with digital footballer cards. The Paris-based company was founded in 2018 and has grown rapidly, attracting the attention of soccer fans and crypto-currency investors around the world until becoming one of the finest success stories of the French startup scene.

In a phase of hypergrowth, Sorare was constantly on the lookout for excellent developers, capable of producing quality work and familiar with the blockchain universe, in order to simplify their integration and enable them to be effective as quickly as possible. The customer's technical management was also sensitive to the developers' past experience. Sorare therefore approached for a technical reinforcement mission, to find two developers to support a squad that was not complete.

The fact that the members of the collective already knew each other and were used to working together allowed them to deliver results very quickly!

  • Sylvain Utard
  • Sylvain Utard
  • Head of Engineering
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The solution

The Collective teams naturally targeted teams of developers with blockchain expertise and experience that would suit Sorare's requirements. At the customer's request, we placed particular emphasis on the front-end skills of the developers. Among the teams presented, FrenchCoinCoin, a collective of specialists in digital interfaces, was finally chosen by the customer.

The impact

Two members of the FrenchCoinCoin team joined Sorare on a full-time assignment that lasted six months. Sorare was able to halve its research time, and the developers gave their team a much higher strike force.
The two FrenchCoinCoin developers were fully integrated into the 15-strong Platform team reporting to the Head of Engineering. They were in charge of the entire front-end for the platform (marketplace, homepage, user accounts, preferences...).

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